The Star of Taiba

The Star of Taiba



The United Arab Emirates (UAE) wants to stand out as a true pioneer in everything. Here the tallest building on earth “the Burj Khalifa” and the famous artificial Palm Islands were built. Dubai now has the world's largest gold ring.

The Najmat Taiba (The Star of Taiba), made of 64 kilograms of 21K gold and more than five kilograms of Swarovski crystals, deserves to be listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

The official certificate confirming that the ring is the largest one in the world has been displayed in the shop window of the jewelry salon.

The jewelry salon, where the giant gold ring is displayed, offers buyers to purchase the ring’s copies. Most of the visitors want to just take a picture with the precious creation, but there are also those who buy the small-sized Stars of Taiba as souvenirs.


The size of the yellow giant

The circumference of the jewelry is more than two meters, the inner diameter is half a meter. Its width – starting from 25 centimeters to half a meter.

A one-of-a-kind jewel, commissioned by Kanz Jewelry for advertising purposes in 2000, was made by more than 50 Taiba craftsmen from Saudi Arabia.

In the photo: The largest ring in the world can be seen at jewelry exhibitions across different countries.


The Star of Taiba cost half a million dollars to make, but after a few years it got six times more expensive. When the price of gold soared to $1,500 per ounce, the value of the ring went up as well, far exceeding $3 000 000.

The record-holder ring got its money worth. It not only enhanced the status of its owner, but also prompted hundreds of customers to purchase other jewelry from the manufacturer. Apparently, this explains the “not for sale” sign next to the informational leaflet about the ring.

The huge gold ring is by no means the most expensive in the world. There are rings for $10 or even $16 million, but they do not attract as much attention as this huge, glittering mix of gold and crystals, a real superstar – the Star of Taiba.