Top-5 Creative Gold Masterpieces

Top-5 Creative Gold Masterpieces



Collectors from all over the world are willing to pay huge sums of money for the creative masterpieces in the arts. Modern artists, designers, sculptors often apply use gold in their work — a precious material valued for its attractive appearance and plasticity.

We are going to tell about the most unusual items created from the gold metal by the contemporary artists.


 1. The golden sponge 

Work of the French artist Yves Klein "Sponge Relief" is a composition of sponges covered with gold which are fixed onto the wooden plate. This embossed golden “picture” turned out to be the most expensive lot sold at the Christie’s auction in 2010 in the section “post-war and modern art”.

The price of the panel made of the golden sponges is 9 184 000 dollars.


In the photo: Christie’s auction employee is examining the «Sponge Relief».


 2. A gold mask of the movie hero 

In 2017, Japanese jewelry company Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry presented the mask of the character Darth Vader from the “Star Wars” made of 24-carat gold. Its weight is 15 kilograms. The release of the precious helmet coincided with the 40thanniversary of the first film from the “star” saga.

The price of the gold mask of Darth Vader is 1,4 million dollars.


In the photo: gold helmet of Darth Vader is put up for sale in the main shop of the company-manufacturer in the Ginza area of the Tokyo city.


 3. Golden Kate 

Sculpture of the famous super model Kate Moss named "Microcosmos Siren" is executed in the finest gold. For the first time it was exhibited in the British Museum in 2008.

The author of the “precious Kate” is the British artist Marc Quinn. Inspired by the Indian deity Shiva, he created an unusual statue with the legs crossed behind her head.

The weight of the “Siren” is 50 kg, height is 1,5 m.

272 thousand dollars worth of gold were used during the manufacturing process of the statue.


In the photo: “Microcosmos Siren” was sold at the Sotheby’s auction to the Asian collector and a great admirer of Kate Moss. The man paid 784 thousand dollars for the gold statue.


4. Gold dress

One more masterpiece by Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry — a precious dress made of gold was presented by the famous Japanese jewelry brand at the Tokyo FashionWeek in 2008.

The weight of the luxurious evening gown is 10 kilograms.

The price of the gold dress is 268 000 dollars.


In the photo: 15 thousand gold Australian coins were used to create the precious dress by Ginza Tanaka.  


 5. A gold hand 

In 2014, the Dutch sculptor Rogier Ruys presented to the public his new work – a gold hand of the flamenco dancer(Flamenco Gold Hand).

A realistic hand is 75 cm in height, made of the synthetic material and gilded with 24-carat gold.

The price of the precious item is 5 400 dollars.


In the photo: “Life is a dance, and every finger has it’s own history. The world we are creating lies in our hands”, says the author of the sculpture Rogier Ruys. 


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