Glitter and elegance: a review of jewelry collections from leading fashion houses

Glitter and elegance: a review of jewelry collections from leading fashion houses



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In the world of high fashion, each new season brings surprises. Collections of garments from leading couturiers always evoke admiration for the splendor of fabrics and styles. And behind the scenes of fashion shows, unique jewelry made of noble metals and precious stones is also created.

French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent had a special affection for gold glitter. Throughout his career, he worked with gold and received enormous pleasure from it. And until now, the SAINT LAURENT brand has not changed the principles of its creator: not so long ago, the fashion house presented its first collection of jewelry.

SAINT LAURENT has released exclusive accessories before, but this is the first time that an entire line of jewelry has been released. The collection includes 42 items: earrings, rings, brooches, bracelets, made of yellow and white gold.

In the photo: jewelry from the SAINT LAURENT collection is cast in gold and polished until a mirror shine effect is achieved.


The refined taste and unique style of Coco Chanel have inspired and delighted fans around the world for many years. Chanel jewelry exudes the same sophisticated style and understated elegance as its clothing. Simple shapes combined with luxurious details give the products a special charm.

The legendary Coco had a special affection for camellias, as she admired their grace and tenderness. It is not surprising that these flowers became the central motif of one of the collections of the French brand. A few years ago, Chanel released an updated line of jewelry dedicated to the mysterious camellias.

In the photo: a jewelry set made of gold and decorated with small diamonds by the Chanel fashion house.


Jewelry accompanied all Dior fashion shows and became an integral part of every clothing collection. Christian Dior was not only an outstanding designer, but also a connoisseur of female beauty. All his works were imbued with deep respect for women and unique female charm.

Dior jewelry amazes with its uniqueness, sophistication and luxury. The Gem Dior collection is no exception. Rings, bracelets and earrings are made of white, yellow and rose gold and bright gems. The jewelry stands out for its unconventional geometric shapes, which are rather untypical for the brand’s style.

In the photo: bracelet from the Gem Dior collection, the design of which is inspired by the scraps of fabric used by Christian Dior in his work.


Clothes created by the Italian fashion house Gucci are distinguished by a unique style that embodies the courage of experiments with shapes, textures and colors. Each outfit is a true work of art, in which classics are intertwined with modernity, creating an image that emphasizes the individuality of its owner.

Gucci mastered the art of high-end jewelry relatively recently by releasing its debut collection Hortus Deliciarum, which included over 200 different items. The jewelry of this series is made of white and yellow gold, polished to a mirror shine, and is encrusted with precious stones.

In the photo: Gucci Hortus Deliciarum earrings made of white gold and decorated with opals, rubellites and diamonds.


The Louis Vuitton brand was founded more than a hundred years ago, and its products are easily recognizable thanks to their stylish design and the LV monogram. The brand is known for strict quality control and premium materials. Exceptional attention is paid to any type of product, including jewelry.

One of the fashion house’s jewelry collections is called LV Volt. The letters L and V have long captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. It is these letters that find expression in stylish accessories with clear lines and minimalist design.

In the photo: bracelets from the LV Volt collection, consisting of 36 pieces made of gold, some of which are complemented with diamonds.


Famous fashion houses embody original ideas in their jewelry collections, immersing us in the world of elegance and brilliance. From classics to bold innovative designs, each new series becomes a source of inspiration for the lovers of art and beauty. We are confident that designers of leading brands will continue to delight us with new brilliant masterpieces time and time again!


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