Gold Bar Challenge: get the gold if you can!

Gold Bar Challenge: get the gold if you can!



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Is there a chance to grab a piece of gold weighing 12 kilograms for free? The attraction Gold Bar Challenge is built on the natural desire of people to get rich quickly. But we know that where they promise a lot, they usually give little. 



Adding and subtracting

In shopping malls in America and Asia, you can see a transparent cube with invitingly shining gold bars inside. In the hope of getting a piece of gold, anyone who wants to try put their hand into a round hole, grabs a bar and pulls it out. Everything is simple. And everything is complicated.

The diameter of the hole through which you can put your hand is 85 millimeters. It is enough for your arm to freely enter inside almost up to the shoulder and reach for a suitable bar. In the attraction in Japan, for example, a gold bar was 78 millimeters in diameter and had weight of 12.5 kilograms.

Subtract 78 from 85 and we have got 7 millimeters — this is the space to manoeuvre. This means that clutching the gold bar in your fist will not work. You can pull out the bar, only if you hold it hanging in your outstretched fingers. Holding 12 kg in this way is not something every person is capable of. But you can strive for the ideal and train. So evaluate your chances of getting gold out of the cube yourself.


Are there any lucky ones?

Sometimes you see information on Internet about those who got lucky. There are also videos showing people taking gold out of the cube. For example, a guy from Malaysia in the shopping center of Kuala Lumpur, easily took out a seven-kilogram bar in a few seconds, in front of an astonished audience.

In our time of fakes, even what you see has to be doubted. This is confirmed by the comments under the video: some rejoice, others put forward versions about deceit. Let's put ourselves in the place of the owners of the attraction and ask two simple questions:

  1. Would there have been a queue of those wishing to pull out the gold if there were no successful examples? Hardly.

  2. How quickly will the organizer of the Gold Bar Challenge go bankrupt if gold bars are taken out of the cube often? When the cost of the attraction exceeds the profit.


Marketing tricks

Why do they put the Gold Bar Challenge attractions in malls and even in museums? It is important for the owners of businesses to attract more people, especially to the stores. Shopping in shining shopping malls that look like fairy-tale castles is the most affordable and enjoyable entertainment. And when the buyers are already here, you need to keep them longer — with a festive atmosphere, food, pleasant surprises.

Hunting for gold in the form of bait works great! Some are trying to pull out a bar, others are watching, or hoping, or cheering, some people are filming it on the phone — everyone is busy, and no one leaves.

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