Gold: The apogee of automotive art

Gold: The apogee of automotive art



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An unusual Nissan GT-R car model is being sold in the United Arab Emirates. The main features of the car are gold engravings that adorn the external body panels, interior and even separate elements of the engine. The price of the exclusive car is 435 thousand dollars.


In the spotlight

Within seven years, this Nissan car has accumulated a mileage of only 6,000 km, which is hardly surprising: a car covered with the precious metal is not a means of transportation, but a luxury item. Such cars are taken out of the garage only on special occasions, in order to show off gold wings at an important event. The driver can fully enjoy not only the speed, but also the aesthetic beauty of the precious vehicle.


Brighter than the sun

In order to ensure the durability of the gold finish on the exterior, the panels are pre-finished with chrome. Manufacturers have thought through everything to the smallest detail. Every element, starting from the rear-view mirrors to the exhaust pipes, is plated with the noble metal. That is why the ornate engraving pattern which smoothly slides along the lines and at the same time shines on surfaces, really catches the eye. All this made it possible to make the gilded car inimitable.

In the photo: the golden glow of the sports car leaves no one indifferent.


Hidden elements

The car that looks like a large treasure box indeed conceals a jewel under its hood. Turbine-driven handcrafted engine, decorated with the royal metal, amazes not only with its power, but also with beauty. Its creators, Japanese auto atelier Kuhl, were so pleased with the work done that they made a copy of the engine and showcased it in its Tokyo branch.

In the photo: 540 hp (horsepower) with a golden “harness” — a real work of art, a masterpiece of engineering and jewelry craftsmanship.


The noble metal has been inspiring representatives of various industries for decades. The automotive giants are no exception. Without a doubt, their stunning products made of the valuable metal will continue to occupy their rightful place among the legendary gold masterpieces.