Golden statue of Kate Moss

Golden statue of Kate Moss



In the world of contemporary fashion and art, it’s rare for anything to evoke vivid emotion and discussion anymore. But a golden statue depicting the famous model Kate Moss has become an object of attention, admiration and criticism. 

The precious metal sculpture, which is called “Microcosmos Siren” was made by British sculptor Marc Quinn. It depicts Kate Moss , cast in gold, in a challenging yoga pose with legs crossed behind her head. According to the author, he was driven by the desire to create a statue of a person who embodies the modern beauty ideal. That is why he chose the image of the British model.


It is worth noting that the beauty of Kate Moss has already been captured more than once in works of art. In 2002, Quinn together with other artists organized an exhibition, most of the exhibits of which were dedicated to the top model. And the artist Lucian Freud captured pregnant Moss naked.

The “Siren” cost 1.5 million pounds sterling to make, 1 million of which is the cost of the 18-carat gold used. The one and a half meter sculpture is called the largest creation made of the precious metal since the times of Ancient Egypt. The statue is hollow inside. Therefore, despite the fact that it is made entirely of gold, its weight is only 50 kilograms.


In 2008, the “golden Kate Moss” became one of the exhibits of the Statuephilia exhibition at the Nereid Gallery. Representatives of the museum called the supermodel a “modern Aphrodite” and placed the sculpture next to the famous statues of ancient Greek goddesses.

Later the statue was sold at a Sotheby’s auction for the sum of more than 900 thousand dollars to an anonymous fan of the star from Asia. Although the original price of the lot was 1.1 million dollars.


In 2010, Marc Quinn presented to the world a bust of Kate Moss in gold, which he called “Song of the Siren”. The weight of the sculpture is more than 8 kilograms without a stand. According to the master’s estimates, the cost of the “golden head” of the model is estimated at 400 thousand pounds.


The golden sculpture of the famous supermodel is a true contemporary art that combines aesthetics, symbolism and technical skill. The unusual and distinctive statue draws the viewer’s attention with its exquisite proportionality, detail and unique form.

Golden statues have always been something special. Legends were written about them, people came to see them, not only rulers, but entire nations were proud of them. One of such works of art was the sculpture of the ancient Greek goddess Athena Parthenos, about which you can read in one of our previous articles:

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