Shine of gold: brilliant outfits of the stars of “Dune 2” and other celebrities

Shine of gold: brilliant outfits of the stars of “Dune 2” and other celebrities



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Did Canadian film director Denis Villeneuve know that his adaptation of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” would become so popular? Fans of the famous novel have finally witnessed the long-awaited release of the second part of the sci-fi film. And although the world premiere was scheduled for March 1, some lucky people had already attended the exclusive pre-release screening a couple weeks before the official box office debut of the film.

On February 12, a private premiere screening of “Dune: Part Two” took place in Paris. The attention of the guests was attracted by the American actress Zendaya, who walked on the red carpet in the company of Timothée Chalamet. The performer of the role of Chani, the beloved of the main character, amazed the imagination of those present with an exquisite gold-colored Louis Vuitton outfit.

Zendaya’s costume consisted of a hooded top and a fluffy golden skirt. The look was completed with jewelry from Bulgari — gold earrings and a bracelet. Timothée Chalamet looked equally impressive in a Givenchy suit. A white gold ring sparkled on the actor’s finger.

In the photo: Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet.


The leading lady in the film “Dune: Part Two” is not the first to appear in public in an outfit with a “golden hue”. What other celebrities chose a similar look for important events?

In 2016, actress Margot Robbie appeared at the Oscars ceremony in a dress that seemed to be woven from gold scales. Her elegant and minimalistic style left no one indifferent. Some guests of the celebration jokingly noted that Margot attracted more attention than the figurine itself.

In the photo: Margot Robbie.


At the 2018 Wearable Art Gala, all eyes were on singer Beyoncé, who attended the event with her family. The reason for everyone’s attention was the star’s outfit — a golden dress with an elegant long train. The pop diva wore a sparkling tiara on her head and massive gold earrings in the shape of triangles in her ears.


In the photo: Beyoncé.


The annual Met Gala charity ball in 2022 was marked by a spectacular appearance by singer Cardi B. Arriving at the event in a convertible, the performer appeared before the public in a dress decorated with chains stylized as gold. The look was completed with gloves and a gold necklace. 20 craftsmen worked on the dazzling outfit for 1,300 hours.

In the photo: Cardi B.


If there was a “Brightest Star of the Night” category at the 2023 Golden Globes, the winner would be Jennifer Hudson. Her chic dress was embroidered with numerous golden plates. Together with discreet jewelry, the actress’s image looked elegant and sophisticated.

In the photo: Jennifer Hudson.


Of course, it is not by chance that celebrities choose outfits and accessories in gold tones for important events. This not only emphasizes their status and excellent taste, but also attracts the attention of fashion lovers and beauty connoisseurs.


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